About Soft Cogs

Who Are We?

The Soft Cogs Incorporated is a team of riders who share their love of riding bikes (road, mountain, triathlon, recumbent, tandem… you name it!). We predominantly come from the Hunter Valley however have riders who live in Sydney, Qld and beyond. We choose to band together and put our fundraising efforts into the MS Sydney to Wollongong bike ride (MS Gong Ride) every November.

Everyone is welcome to ride with us, our objectives are:

  1. Spread the word of riding and healthy lifestyles to our networks
  2. Promote a safe, fun, responsible and sustainable riding atmosphere
  3. Raise funds for local charities

As you can see, it’s about more than just fundraising. We’re all about our network and their families.

What Do We Do?

We campaign one fundraising event, the MS Gong Ride event, held in November each year. We obtain sponsors and symbolise the team (whilst recognising the sponsors) in a new jersey each year. The ride is an excellent ride, iconic for many bike riders, established in 1981. After the ride, the Soft Cogs have a marquee at the finish site and catering and refreshments are provided, historically free of charge. Not bad!

We often support our fundraising efforts through fundraising events during the year, such as trivia nights, dinner/dances, or our biggest event ever, the 2012 Soft Cogs Ball.

Each year we average 110 riders in our team and collectively raise $100,000.

Where Do We Come From?

The Soft Cogs began as an idea bantered around a few beers in a Hunter Valley pub. A clear observation was made at a local organised ride that there were no teams representing the mining industry, yet so many of us rode bikes.

That was in 2005. Our first team was formed by only 19 members, mainly all working for Roche Mining (now Downer EDI Mining). Roche generously supported the initiative. Surprised at how much we fundraised, we continued the initiative with Downer continually getting behind the team. Team numbers grew, 38, 112 and so on. And so did our fundraising, $11k, $33k then $152k!


Ever since then we’ve continued to be one of MS Australia’s highest fundraising teams being in the top 5 teams for the last 6 years.

The Soft Cogs grew so big it became incorporated in 2012 to handle the workload and to create transparency in the management of the team’s business, particularly for legal compliance. Also, to shed the workload that one poor captain was carrying – on top of his normal day job!

fundraising for MS gong ride softcogs

How Do I Join?

Joining Soft Cogs is easy. Just follow this link for membership. Sign up for our newsletter and watch this space!



Soft Cogs Incorporation membership is only $30 per year, cheaper if you sign up for longer.

Cost of entry into other organised events (such as the MS Sydney to The Gong Ride) is up to each rider though we may be able to negotiate ‘mates rates’ with the organisers.



Uniforms, as well as other cool Soft Cogs paraphernalia, is available on our online store.