What the heck is the Cootwalski Award?

The Cootwalski Award is a highly coveted accolade given to the person voted to have done the most stupid/silly/painful/embarrassing/costly thing on a bike or associated with riding. The name Cootwalski is derived from Shane “Kowalski” Kowald and Chris “Cooter” Smith. They hands-down have the biggest balls of all the Soft Cogs but that means they crash… a lot.

Every year the committee vote on new submissions and the winner will be announced at our Awards Dinner on the night before the Gong Ride. Each winner receives the perpetual Cootwalski Award.

So if you’ve got a story, fill out the form below and upload your evidence (video, photos whatever!). We want to hear from you!

Cootwalski Award Submission

Submissions by public for entries into the Cootwalski Awards
  • When did it happen?
  • Describe who was involved and what happened