Why a committee??

It sounds all formal and stuff…

Because the Soft-Cogs have grown in popularity and host bigger activities to achieve better results, we could not grow without formalising an association. A committee is required to satisfy our legal requirements, it’s really not that daunting. Plus, we gotta get insurance to cover your antics!

Committee Nugs

President & Public Officer

Kim Nguyen

Founded Soft Cogs in 2006 and passionate about promoting responsible riding and helping out the community. In line with his genetics and cultural heritage, Kim is shy, enjoys karaoke and can’t swim. Email: kim.nguyen at softcogsinc dot com



Bernice Campbell

Has been an active member of the Soft-Cogs since 2007 in organising parts of the ride and campaign. She has been responsible for arranging catering, accommodation and transport arrangements for the entire team – no small feat. After doing the Gongride herself, she’s constantly looking at ways/excuses to get off the bike and that includes crashing (deliberately). Email: bernice at softcogsinc dot com



Mick Deaves

The success story of the Soft-Cogs. After being attracted to the team in 2010, he’s transformed himself into a much healthier smaller man – even spreading his infectious humour to his mates and family getting them on board! He is conducting trials for beers as carb loading prior to endurance events, whilst not successful yet, he’s determined to keep trying! Email: ewok at softcogsinc dot com


Treasurer & Online Orders

Angela Nguyen

Since 2009, Ange has been swept off her feet by two wheels and one man, and since then has never looked back. She has been instrumental in orgainising some of the Cogs’ larger events, namely the 2012 Soft Cogs Ball. Email: angela at softcogsinc dot com


Committee Member
Rides & Races

Dave Morgan

Like a bad moustache, Dave just keeps coming back – no matter how many times you cut him down. Dave doesn’t mind a beer, mountain/road biking and pizza (in that order), so it wasn’t long before he was nominated to be on the committee.
Email: morgo at softcogsinc dot com


Committee Member

Tony Campbell

There from the very beginning, Tony has ridden every year since 2006. He used to be a bike mechanic to earn some crust to get through uni and ever since then his two-wheel love blossomed. A man who avoids formality where possible, he brings the Yin to the association’s Yang.


Committee Member
Events Fundraising

Samantha Morgan

Sammi’s selfless passion to help others has made her an invaluable member of the committee. Our Soft Cogs events have had more horsepower since her involvement in 2015


Committee Member
MTB social events

Rohan Betts

Let’s get one thing straight, Rohan “Capt Risky” Betts only jumps on the fat tyres. Anything less than 2inches, ain’t for him. That said, he’s the perfect man to head up our MTB events to get your dirt fix. He’s known as Capt Risky for his beard and his MTB antics. He’s even so risky, he doesn’t even put chocolate sprinkles on his cuppacinos.


Committee Member
Social Rides

Jon Deaves

Sooty has a knack. A knack for crashing. Whilst he’s often eating dirt, he’s always back up and back on the saddle. Sooty will have your social rides covered, even if that means he’s driving the sag wagon


Committee Member
Social Rides

Shane Kowald

Kowalski is co-founder of the Soft Cogs Cootwalski Award – an award to recognise the achievements of those who like to fly through the air and land nose first into the dust. Kowalski enjoys to break things, his promises, his bikes and his body. Looking after the social rides, we’re all in good hands!